Danilo & Sharon

Workshop, UX, Interaction Design, UI

The primary objective of this project is to create a new website for Danilo&Sharon that embodies a modern and sophisticated style, while emphasising the unique style and vision of each couple. Their goal is to provide exquisite customer service and create images that are both inspired by fashion and timeless in style. Their motivation for this project is to revolutionise the wedding photography industry by elevating it to a level of sophistication and artistry that has been lacking in the past. The mission is to bring a fresh and exciting approach to wedding photography that showcases the beauty and individuality of each couple's special day.

Discover and research

Competitor analysis insights

To understand the current market offerings in the website design industry, we conducted a competitive analysis by analyzing and evaluating the websites of Bottega53, Cinzia Bruschini, David Bastianoni, and Erin and Tara. By analyzing the user experience, content, features, and performance of each website, we identified areas for improvement and key features that were lacking in the existing websites that we could enhance on our own website. Through this analysis, we gained valuable insights into industry benchmarks and best practices, which we can incorporate into our platform to create a more effective user experience for our customers.

Empathy map

We created an empathy map that outlines the characteristics, needs, and motivations of an ideal client for destination wedding photographers. By understanding the client's perspective, we can design a wedding photography service that meets their expectations and exceeds their needs. This insight can help create a more personalised and effective marketing strategy, as well as improve the overall customer experience. Following UX design process ensures that the product meets user needs and achieves business objectives.



In the context of the destination wedding photography website, the site map plays a crucial role in ensuring that the website has flawless navigation. The site map outlines the hierarchical structure of the website's pages, and it serves as a blueprint for designing the user interface. By visually representing the website's content and how the pages link together, the site map allows the design team to identify any gaps or areas that need improvement.


Concept wireframes

The website for Danilo&Sharon will provide an intuitive user-centered portfolio and education platform. We had two directions and hypotheses, but ultimately decided to focus on the second approach, which we believe will best serve our target audience. It will showcase our creative process and brand experience through a visual journey that tells our story. We will also offer personalized recommendations and inspiration to help users create their ideal wedding photography portfolio. By addressing these user needs in the UX scope for the website, we can provide a comprehensive and enjoyable user experience that meets the needs of our target audience.

Interaction design

The goal is to mirror the premium and smooth experience that Danilo&Sharon provide to their clients on every wedding. This means paying attention to details like the layout and navigation of the website, the use of high-quality imagery and typography, and the overall user flow. By prioritising user experience and creating a website that reflects the values and style of the brand, we can help Danilo&Sharon connect with their audience and provide a seamless experience for potential clients.

Usability tests

During our testing, participants suggested that they would like to see more prominent call-to-action buttons to help guide them through the website. This feedback provided valuable insights into how we can improve the user experience and better meet the needs of our target audience.